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The Richmond (Vermont) Land Trust was organized in 1987 by citizens of Richmond, Vermont, who were concerned that their community might go the way so many other towns have gone and lose its rural character, natural resources, scenic beauty and unique spirit. Richmond’s location in one of Vermont’s fastest growing, most populated areas puts its farms, river banks, woodlands and recreational areas at special risk. By providing local landowners with sound alternatives to “making asphalt the last crop,” the Richmond Land Trust helps assure that as Richmond grows, its working landscape, natural areas and historic sites will be protected for the benefit of generations to come.

      Our Mission

To preserve the rural character and quality of life in Richmond, Vermont, and its surrounding communities through land conservation, historic preservation, land stewardship, and community service and education.

      Programs of the Richmond Land Trust

Land Conservation: Through volunteer conservation programs, we help land owners preserve and conserve open space, woodlands and unique wildlife habitat.
Land Stewardship: On some of the parcels we preserve, we take responsibility for managing it to protect its natural qualities.
Historic Preservation: We assist in the preservation of the Richmond area cultural heritage through negotiation and purchase of scenic and historic easements along selected corridors. Read about one of our initiatives here: The Monitor Barn Project

      Board of Trustees
Fritz Martin, Chair
Wright Preston, Treasurer
Ted Lyman, Secretary
Lou Borie, Board Member
Gary Bressor, Board Member
Jeremy Hoff, Board Member
Rob Zimmerman, Board Member
     Brad Elliott, Board Member
Jim Feinson, Board Member
John Hiltebeitel, Board Member
Dan Martin, Board Member
Christa Kemp, Board Member
Judy McVickar, Board Member
The Richmond Land Trust
P.O. Box 605
Richmond, VT 05477
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